Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Northwest Corner of Walnut and Evans Streets

Today I want to share with you two pictures of the northwest corner of Walnut and Evans street. The color postcard is from the files at the Lillie M. Evans Library, the other is from a 1942 Peoria Star newspaper. The Lillie M. Evans Library is currently on this corner. The color postcard shows a two story building in the background with a balcony. At that time it was known as the Hitchcock Building and, according to stories, housed a tavern, dance hall, meeting room and was used as a place to meet. The building in the foreground was Village Hall. In the newspaper photo, you can see that the building had been added on to. If you look closely, you can see "Weaver's Hatchery" on the building. From reading papers here at the museum, a person could buy eggs, chickens and other goods at the hatchery. Do you know any more about this building and how it was used?

UPDATE: One of our members just stopped by and says he remembers the second floor of the Hitchcock Building had a wood floor. The wood floor was great for dancing. They even roller skated up there. He also mentioned the second floor of Village Hall had a basketball court. The windows were covered with wire fence. They boy scouts met upstairs as well as other community groups. The first floor had a kitchen. The Princeville Kiwanis Club met on the first floor with the ladies cooking a meal in the kitchen to serve the members. Please share any of your memories of these buildings with us by leaving a comment.

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