Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1960-1961 Blackhawk Champions

I have had these photos ready for a blog post for a few weeks now.  We are in the midst of winter weather and clearing out from the latest snow so I thought today would be a good time to post the photos.  These photos were donated to the museum by Mildred and Evelyn Snyder.  We don't have all the names of all the boys in the photos, so if you can help identify them, please email us at

The 1960-61 Princeville High School football team were the Blackhawk Conference Champions.  This first photo was taken in the 100 block of East Main Street near the VFW which was on the north side of the street in 1960.  I assume that is the football coach on the trailer with the team making a speech.  The trailer advertises LE German Implement Co.  We don't have any identification on the players of the trailer.  Looks like there was a large turnout to help the team celebrate their championship.

Identification of players in photo below from Rick Martin: to left of speaker is Principal William (Bull) Cordis; behind speaker is Coach Ernie Hoff; on his left is Coach Bob Johns.   Players #40 Lee Strietmatter, between #13 & 27 is Dave Swanson, #27 is Ralph Fusco.  

It looks like the whole team is posed in front of Princeville High School for this next photo.  The players that have been identified in this photo are: Bob Teske (#38), Bob Riggen, Jeff Givens, Chuck Beall, Ralph Fusco (#27), Ron Williams, Tom Harmon, Claude Lorance and Bob Swanson.

Rick Martin identifies the following players in this next photo:  #80 Bill Kraft; #40 Lee Strietmatter; #13 Roger Maddox; #11 Joe Harwood; behind #11 is Steve Sutherland.  Other side, #42 Dick Calhoun; back row behind Ron Williams is Norm Stahl; Tom Boylan in front of #38(Bob Teske)

We have identified all the players in this next photo.  They are: Bill Kraft (#80), Steve Sutherland (#84), Wylvan Parker (#19), Dick Calhoun (#42), Bob Swanson (#70), Norm Stahl (#64), Nollan Harwood (#11).


Bob Moxley said...

I think #80 is Bill Kraft.

Princeville Heritage Museum said...

Thanks Bob, you are correct, that was my typo. I changed it to Bill Kraft.