Friday, January 24, 2014

Shopping on Walnut Street

The 100 block of North Walnut Street has seen many changes.  Over the years, buildings in this block have housed stores, offices, restaurants, library and even a movie theater, to name a few.  During a recent visit to the museum, Wendy Kneer shared a few of her family's photos.  Wendy's grandmother was Ada Harrison Kneer.

The photo below is of the Golden Rule store.  Since it appears that the store is empty, we can assume the photo was taken after the store closed.  The store was located on the west side of Walnut Street.  Currently, this building is part of the Cordis and Cordis Law Office.  The storefront to the left of the Golden Rule Store is where the Princeville Post Office used to be. The building on the right is the building that is currently on the corner of Walnut and Evans.  Notice the sign in the window advertising a Pool Room.  Do you think the "Golden Rule Store" imprint is still on the building?

The next two photos are of the H. Harrison Hardware Store.  The hardware store was located on the east side of Walnut Street.  Currently, Los Jimadores restaurant is located in this building.  Notice the wagons for sale to the left of the door.  I keep looking at this photo to see what is in the windows, but I can't figure out what is there. The next photo shows the inside of the store.  The shelves were stocked from floor to ceiling.  Notice the stoves in the front on the left.  Looking closely at the Public Sale notices, these photos were taken in 1915.

The ad below is from the February 16, 1899 Princeville Republican newspaper.  I believe that the store above is a predecessor of the H. Harrison Hardware store. 

Do you have any information on these businesses?  The museum is always looking for additional information on Princeville businesses.  If you can help, please email or call the museum at (309)385-1916.