Sunday, November 3, 2013

Maude McNay's Birthday Party in Duncan, Illinois

Written on the back of this photo is "Maude Mc Nay's birthday party, Duncan, Illinois, 1905 or 1906."  The names of the children in the photo are also written on the back.  But, before I list out those in the photo, you need to notice the little girl on the porch.  "Photobombing" was alive and well in the early 1900s.  I do love all the scroll woodwork on the porch and the wooden swing in the frame behind the children.  Does anyone recognize this house?  Is this house still with us or has it fallen in, been torn down?  Do any of you remember the McNay family?

The names written on the back appear to have the a few of the girls' married name as well as maiden name, so I am assuming the names were written on the back many years after this photo was taken.  From the writing on the back:

The top row, left to right is:  Adeline De Sent, Ollie Armentrout, Evelyn Gard Calef, Retta Clarence, Nellie Mc Nay, Bennie Palmer, Lucille De Sent, Lois Graves Lutille, Lucy De Sent McMillen, Delora Taylor, Myrtle Fox Large, Charles Dollison, Orion Howell.

The front row, right to left (please note that there is one more name listed than there are children in this row): Walter C. Graves, Milo Graves, Gussie Biggs, Mildred Clarence, Stella Graves Hohenberry, Maude Mc Nay, Earle Gingrich, Mable Armentrout, Hazel Syders.

This photo is available for viewing at the museum.  If you know any details about the Mc Nays or any of the children in the photo, please share with us by either commenting on this post or emailing  The museum is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or by appointment.

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