Friday, November 22, 2013

1964 Princeville High School FFA Members

Once again, I find myself working with the large donation of old FFA slides donated by Princeville High School.    This time, I have a number of slides of individual FFA members.  Stamped on the back of the slides is October 1964, so I assume these were taken during the 1964-1965 school year.  Last month, on this blog, we posted photos of the FFA parents.  I think the individual member snapshots and the photos of the parents were taken the same year.  Click here to view the photos of the FFA parents.

Below are all the FFA member individual photos with all of them in their official tie and jacket. To identify these boys, I used the name that was written on the slide, not on their FFA jacket.  Some of these boys are borrowing a jacket to get their picture taken. These photos are all boys because girls were not allowed to be FFA members until the 1970s.  Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

George Baer

David Begner

Steve Begner

James (Jim) Boylan

Tom Boylan

David Brittingham

Murray Campbell

Bill Clark

Bill Damitz

Richard (Dick) Donath

Don Donsbach

 Gene Donsbach

 Jerry Donsbach

 Steve Elsasser

 Steve Fuller

 Terry Galetti

 Jim Gehrig

Ken (Kenny) Gehrig

David (Dave) Gibbs

 Ray Gilles

Rod Grunloh

Tom Haney

Stanley Hurt

 Steve Lauber

Fred Menold

Mike Menold

Robert (Bob) Myers

Larry Parkhill

 Ronald (Ron) Peterson

Howard Rumbold

 Tim Selburg

 Jerry Sloan

Milton Smith

Leslie Stone

 Carl Theobald

James White

 Paul Whittaker

Ronald Wisner


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