Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lillie M. Evans Library

Tonight the Lillie M. Evans Library is hosting an Open House to celebrate their recent remodeling projects.  Many of you may remember the original library building before the much needed addition.  The Lillie M. Evans Library is one of the best libraries in the area.  Thank you to the staff, board and Friends of Library for all you do for the library and the community.  Let's take a step back in time and view the original library.  The photos are from the Bouton family. 

Before there was a library at the corner of Walnut and Evans (formerly Main St.) Street, there was the Hitchcock Building which eventually became Weavers Hatchery.  The Hitchcock Building was originally a hotel, and after the hatchery was an implement business.  The building was torn down in 1954. 

The Lillie M. Evans Library building was built on this same corner after the hatchery building was torn down.  The original building was built in the late 1950s.  In 2000, ground was broken for the addition to the library on the west side.

The next photos are of the interior of the library during National Library Week.  To celebrate the week, there was a historical, art, craft and hobby exhibit.  We don't know the identity of the people in the photos except the first one.  On the left is Emily Bouton, library director and Norma Lee Long is on the right.  If you know the identity of any of the people in the photos, please email us with the information at

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