Thursday, August 22, 2013

More of the 1914 Maroon Yearbook....Advertising

A few days ago I posted some images from the 1914 Maroon yearbook.  I don't know about you, but I really like seeing the old photos and looking at what they were wearing and how formal everything was.  When I see old newspapers and magazines, I always get sidelined by the advertisements.  Well, this yearbook has many pages in the back sold to advertisers.  I thought I would share these pages with you.  It is fascinating not only to see so many different businesses, but also how they advertised.  One common thing is that they didn't list a street address, just town name. While Princeville still has a variety of businesses, there aren't as many as there were back then.  This first ad is for Bliss Drug Store which was located on east Main Street (formerly Canton Street).

This next ad was for Auten and Auten Bankers.  They had a bank in Princeville and Monica, IL.  Interesting that they were not only a bank, but also prepared wills and sold insurance.

German and Friedman sold hardware, stoves, tinware, furnaces, roofing and repairing, pumps, paints, oils, twine, wagons, buggies, carriages, farming implements, field and garden seeds.  Sounds like the old time equivalent of one of the modern big box stores.  I do like the intricate stove graphic on the advertisement.

A few Peoria businesses advertised in the yearbook.  The B&M store on South Adams in Peoria was one of those businesses.  B&M sold clothing and shoes.

Cheesman Brothers store was located on the northwest corner of Main and Walnut streets in Princeville which is the current location of Princeville State Bank.  Cheesman Brothers was one of the general stores located in town at that time.

Northwestern University was one of a few colleges advertising in the yearbook. This advertisement encourages our students to write in and request informational booklets.

The local newspaper, The Princeville Telephone, was owned by Addison A. Dart and was published weekly.  The Princeville Telephone was the company who printed this first yearbook.  The newspaper office was located on Walnut Street.

With all the clothing retailers, Princeville also had a tailor.  Earl Walkington, according to his ad, tailored clothing for modest prices.  

The surround towns of Edelstein, Monica and even Wady Petra had retail businesses as well.  J.H. Johnson was in Edelstein and a dealer in general merchandise.

Another Peoria business that advertised in the yearbook was Crawford and Co., jewelers and silversmiths.  They sold wedding and presentation goods as well as diamonds and watches.

Valentin Weber's store in Princeville sold men's and boy's hats, caps, furnishings and made to measure clothing.  From other advertisements I have seen, the majority of his business was selling shoes for the whole family.  I bet it was a treat to make a trip into town for new shoes back then.  Look at the shoe in the ad, can you imagine wearing those every day?  No thanks, I like my flip flops.

This page of ads has smaller ads on it.  Robert Taylor's business was blacksmithing and horseshoeing in Princeville in addition to wagon and buggy repair, rubber tire install, gas engines and power washers.  That is a business caught between technological advancements; horse buggies vs. gas engines.  The Bon Ton Restaurant was owned by R. Heberling in Princeville.  In the early 1900s, oysters were a common item (oyster stew) served in the home for celebrations.  Dieges and Clust of Chicago advertised their class pins, rings and medals.  At the bottom of the page is an ad for E. E. Henson, MD of Princeville.  Dr. Henson practiced in Princeville for many years.

A second hardware shop in Princeville advertised in the yearbook.  Minkler and Harrison sold hardware, stoves, furnaces, slate roofing, farm implements and more. 

S.J. McDermott was a contractor and builder in Princeville and B.W. Heatch was a veterinary surgeon.  The local railroad always had ads in the local newspapers so it would make sense to advertise in the yearbook too. 

Lombard College was hoping to get new students to their school through the ad.

Not only did Princeville have a doctor and veterinarian, there was also a dentist practicing in town.  Dr. A.J. Hawkes was the local dentist advertising in 1914.  If you needed baggage and trunks delivered to and from the depot, you were to call H.E. Calhoun at the Princeville Dray and Transfer Line.  The Hotel Mayer in Peoria was hoping the locals stayed there when visiting.  Billy Williams was a painter, paper hanger and practical decorator in Princeville.

Knox College in Galesburg was an advertiser.  Another contractor and builder, Wm. Friedman was located in Princeville.

Who knows where Wady Petra is?  It was once a thriving community on the railroad with a hotel, train depot and other merchants.  When the trains stopped coming to town, Wady Petra shrank into almost nothing.  R.N. Schindler was a merchant in town.  In Princeville, W.S. Weaver was a wholesale poultry, produce and cream dealer.

Farmer's State Bank was located in the 100 block of east Main Street in Princeville.  During the depression, Farmer's State Bank was one of the many banks across the nation that closed.  I have seen many ads for F.E. Prouty's business and have always been intrigued by the variety of services he offered: furniture, undertaking, musical instruments and sewing machines, all under one roof.

Located at 113 S. Jefferson in Peoria, O'Brien and Jobst was a menswear store.  Like the Bon Ton store, the B&W Model Restaurant also offered oysters in season and was an agent for Lorch's Laundry.  The restaurant was owned by F.J. Brutcher and R.O. Weaver.

E.A. Erikson advertised suits and overcoats.  There isn't an address for this merchant, but I assume it was located in Princeville.  We all miss having a bakery in town, in 1914, G.F. Smith owned a bakery located at the Arlington Hotel which is advertised on the bottom.  The Arlington Hotel was located on the northeast corner of Main and Walnut streets where the Princeville Pharmacy was located.  Harry Hinman was the manager at the hotel where you could get a room for $5 a week.

Bradley Polytechnic Institute which is now Bradley University in Peoria was an advertiser.  In Princeville, J.C. Bullock was a jeweler, optician and engraver.  Another painter, decorator and paperhanger was G.M. Potts.  The Princeville Garage was the first door north of Auten's Hall.  I'm not sure where Auten's Hall was located, so if you remember, please comment below.

M.L. Sniff sold real estate, insurance and high grade pianos. Also in Princeville was the W.M.Hoag Grocery and Variety Store.

What is a tonsorial parlor?  A tonsorial parlor is a fancy word for barber shop.  W. F. Byrnes Tonsorial Parlor was located in the "new" Hofer Building.  Another dry goods merchant in Princeville was Conklin and Sons.

Z.L. Rice also owned and operated a general merchandise store in Princeville. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1914 Maroon Yearbook

The 1914 Maroon is a small hardcover book with a maroon cover.  The first photo on this blog is the cover page of the 1914 Maroon.  The first page dedicates the yearbook "To Carl B. Moore who, by his untiring efforts toward better things for P.H.S., has won our heartfelt appreciation, we, the class of 1914, gratefully dedicate this first edition of the Maroon."  Through this dedication, we assume the PHS yearbook is turning 100 years old.  There was a time during the 1920s that the yearbook wasn't published.  Our museum collection contains most of the past yearbooks, but we are missing books from the 1980s forward.

The second photo is of Princeville High School which was located on west Main Street (formerly Canton Street).  This school was built in 1907-1908 and replaced a school building which was located on the same site.  While this building was under construction, students attended school in the former Princeville Academy building. Within the 1914 yearbook, there are a few pages dedicated to the history of Princeville High School.  The first graduating class was in 1891.

I thought I would share some images of faculty and students from the 1914 Maroon yearbook. These first few photos are of the senior class of 1914.  Members of the class are James Blanchard, Nellie Cornish, Keith Calhoun, D. Leo Harmon, Tresa Cushing, W. Harold Johnson, Edward Kuntz, May Friedman, Everette Megan, J. Clyde Murray, Ruth Friedman, W. Russell Peck, Harlan Wilcox, Wilda Wear and Merle Schaad.


There were only 4 juniors in school that year.  If you follow this class through graduation, the class of 1915 had these 4 students as graduates.  The members of the junior class are Gilbert Adams, Caroline Hofer, Eldon Cutler and Margaret Long.


The sophomore class merited a group photo for this yearbook.  The students in the photo below are left to right, back row: Mildred Baker, Olive Hyde, Milton Smith, Leo Sniff, Charles Tracy, Clyde Erickson, Ben Manker, Robert Schindler, Leo Hill, Helen Dart.  The front row: Mabel Chapin, Myrtle Bridson, Pearl Vogel, Clara Buck, Myrtle Greene, Ada Cutler, Rosa Cushing, Louise Sheeler and Ruth Conklin.

 The photo below is the freshman class.  In the back row are Maude Shane, Mabel De Bord, Helen Tracy, Covel Curtis, Carl Cheesman, Free Slane, Clarence Graham, Fred Jackson, Harry Shover, Fred Butts.  In the front row are Mae Cheesman, Ellen Edwards, Helen Gaster, Hazel Tucker, Grace Cutler, Florence Oertley, Hazel Buck, Harriett Hofer, Pearl Barret, Bernice Taylor, Betty Gourley.

During the 1913-1914 school year, the Board of Education consisted of C.H. Wilcox, H.J. Cheesman and A.A. Dart.  The faculty was Carl Moore, Pearl Hood, Emily Chichester, May Hayes, SE Violet Stewart, Helen Wheeler, Margaret Edwards and William Campbell.  Below are the pictures of the faculty.

The yearbook also featured a composite of the graduates from the previous year.  The graduates of the class of 1913 are: Leland McMillen, Hazel McMillen, Ralph Prouty, Harry Hofer, Theil Manker, Ida Greene, Ethel Stowell, Mildred Blanchard, Mabel Wear, Amy Edwards, Imo Cushing, Bertha Oertley.  Below is the composite of the 1913 graduates.

There are many other pages in this book that I didn't add to this blog.  The basketball and track teams (no football team) have multiple pages written up about their season including photos.  During this school year, the declamation team won first place in the Peoria County Declamation Contest.  

If you would like to look at this yearbook or any others, please stop in.  In addition to yearbooks, we have a large number of obituary and wedding scrapbooks which help with genealogy research.  Please stop in to see our genealogy reference area.  Do you have any yearbooks from the 1980s to present and wondering what to do with them?  Please consider donating them to the museum.  The museum is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm or by appointment.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aladdin Lamp Program

Today, the museum hosted an Aladdin Lamp program presented by Bob Daniels.  The program was open to the public and we had a nice turnout.  Bob and Laura Daniels are local Princeville residents who have been collecting Aladdin lamps since the early 1990s.  Their collection started with finger lamps and has continued to grow.  We would like to thank Bob and his wife for sharing their collection with us.  We currently have an Aladdin lamp display at the museum.  Here are a few photos from today's program.

Below are photos of Bob's display.  During his presentation, we learned interesting facts about each piece.

Bob during the presentation after lighting a few of the lamps.

Aladdin not only made lamps, they also made lunch boxes and thermoses.

 Bob and Bill discussing Aladdin lamps after the presentation.

Joan, one of our members, stayed after the program to look through Bob's Aladdin lamp book.

 As always, there is a selection of home-baked goodies and refreshments after the program.

Stop in and see our Aladdin lamp display.  The museum is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm or by appointment.