Thursday, May 2, 2013

Princeville Grade School Class, Faculty and Staff of 1953

The newly expanded meeting room has been reserved for many activities this spring including business meetings, luncheons, weddings and class reunions.  This weekend, the museum will be the site of the Princeville High School Class of 1957 reunion.  When the museum has a class reunion, we try to display memorabilia relating to their years in Princeville schools.  I thought I would share the class photos we found of the Princeville Grade School 8th grade class of 1953.

Princeville Grade School
Eighth Grade Class of 1953
 Front Row:  Wesley Sloan, Doug Gingrich, Bill Pierce, Bob Bouton, Bob Smith, Ray Conkright, Charlie Kraft
Middle Row:  Larry Streitmatter, Nancy Burgess, Sharlene LaMay, Joan Hyde, Marilyn Higgs, Marilyn Jones, Sharon Hawksworth, Mary Jane Streitmatter, Charlotte Lawrence, Marguerite Harmon (teacher)
Back Row:  Hayden Cooper (principal), Patricia Rumbold, Caryl Noonen, Peggy Benson, Robert Harmon, Ken Harlan, Brian Telander, Patricia Guyot, Theda Dell, Carol Asal
Princeville Grade School
7th Grade Class of 1952
This is the same class as the first photo, but 1 year younger
Front Row:  Carol Asal, Theda Dell, Sharon Hawksworth, Joan Hyde, Caryl Noonen, Patricia Guyot, Nancy Burgess
Middle Row:  Larry Streitmatter, Sharlene LaMay, Marilyn Jones, Marilyn Higgs, Mary Jane Streitmatter, Charlotte Lawrence, Peggy Benson, Margeurite Harmon (teacher)
Back Row:  Bob Smith, Charles Kraft, Wesley Sloan, Robert Bouton, Ken Harlan, Bill Pierce, Doug Gingrich

Princeville Grade School
Faculty and Staff 1953
Front Row:  Luella Teets (cafeteria), Gladys Meservy (cafeteria), John Thoman (band), Ann Thoman (music), Betty Lou Stumpf (3rd grade), Paul Robinson (6th grade home room, math, coach), Emerson Sellers (7th grade home room)

Back Row:  Nora Miller (cafeteria), Jean Mitchell (cafeteria), Josephine Slane (2nd grade), ???, Hayden Cooper (principal), Leila Althoff (5th grade), Mildred Belski (1st grade), Marian Johnson (4th grade), Marguerite Harmon (8th grade home room), Bob Schindler (janitor)

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