Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Princeville High School Freshman Class 1897-1898

One of the fun things about doing research at the museum, is that you will always get sidetracked by interesting photos and documents.  This photo sidetracked me last week when I was working on a project.  The photo is identified as "Years 1897-1898, Princeville High School, 9th Grade".  According to the PHS alumni listing, (Click her for PHS Alumni List), students in this photo graduated in years 1898-1904.  I'm not sure if this is the freshman class or a composite of all students in the school at that time.  You can see the numbers written on or near each student.  A handwritten list was with this photo identifying them all.  The students are (left to right):

Back row:  Paul Hammer, Willis Hoag, Ferris Rowcliffe, Harry Searl, Rufus Hyde, Ray Hammer, Leo Miller, Roy Hopkins, Clyde McMillen, Charles Smith.

3rd Row:   Frank Smith, Rufus Wood, Clyde Alyea, unidentified, Charles Auten, Tom Byrnes, Marion Miller, Lulu Smith, Hattie Fast

2nd Row:  Sara Best, Jenny Darby, Pearl Bliss, Myrtis Wear, Isla Pratt, Jessie Glenn, Louise Klink Williams, Nell Culver, Lillian Santee, Gracie Morrow, Eunice Palmer

1st Row:  Gladys Fast, Hattie Pierce, Forest Edwards, Cora Hackney, Prof. Baker, Ada Kneer, Della Hoag, Emma Rowcliff, Maude Hopkins, Maude Bouton.

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