Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1905 Tradesmen and Professional Men of Princeville

At the museum, we always have this photo on display.  It is a composite photo from 1905 of the business owners and tradesmen in Princeville.  It also has the year they started their business.  The composite is organized such that photo #1 is the oldest business established in 1864 and the newest business at the time of the composite was established in 1903.  The names of the business owners correspond to the number on the bottom left of each individual photo.  Those pictured are:

1.  O.S. Pratt, blacksmith
2. V. Weber, shoe dealer
3. J.B. Ferguson, jeweler
4.  George Belford, auctioneer
5.  Milton Wilson, insurance
6.  James Carman, painter and paper hanger
7.  Joseph German, hardware and implements
8.  M. Hammer, furniture and undertaking
9.  W.S. Weaver, poultry dealer and painter
10. J.H. Hopkins, lawyer
11. D. Kinnah, butcher and stock buyer
12. John F. Bliss, druggist
13. R.J. Nichols, blacksmith
14. A.C. Washburn, hotel proprieter
15. E.D. Minkler, hardware and implements
16. F.D. Goodman, barber
17. Joseph Friedman, hardware and implements
18. R. Heberling, restaurateur
19. J. L. Searl, grocer
20. Dr. C.H. Wilcox, physician and surgeon
21. F.E. Prouty, furniture and undertaking
22. W.K. Blanchard, dry goods and furnishings
23. M.V. Conklin, dry goods and groceries
24. O.S. Kopp, baker
25. C.J. Cheesman, groceries and dry goods
26. M.L. Sniff, real estate and insurance
27. W.H. Simmons, contractor and carpenter
28. J.C. Welphey, harness maker
29. B.P. Williams, contractor and carpenter
30. O.M. Goodale, veterinary surgeon
31. J.R. Hart, contractor and mason
32. Richard Cox, lumber and grain
33. Dr. H.C. Young, druggist
34. H.J. Cheesman, postmaster
35. N.E. Adams, harness maker
36. H. Harrison, hardware and implements
37. A.S. Pratt, painting and paper hanging
38. J.S. McDermott, carpenter and contractor
39. Ray Pratt, painting and paper hanging
40. Prof. Wm. M. Beal, principal of high school
41. A. T. Williams, painter and paper hanger
42. Dr. W. J. Price, physician and surgeon
43. W. H. Lamb, optician and jeweler
44. Dr. W. S. Hicks, dentist
45. Gail Cutler, contractor and mason
46. F.M. Churchill, barber
47. J.W. Walkington, city marshall
48. Rev. C. P. O'Neill, rector of St. Mary's
49.  Wm. Keck, manager of telephone system
50. A.W. Higbee, mine operator
51. C.H. Cornish, telegrapher
52. F. Hietter, liveryman
53. Rev. R.L. Vivian, pastor M.E. Church
54. F. H. Cutler, mayor
55. A.A. Dart, editor
56. John Dickinson, mine operator
57. Wm. Friedman, contractor and painter
58. Robert Bennett, lumber dealer
59.  W. M. Hoag, grocer
60. N.H. Ayres, grain dealer
61. Dr. W. ????, physician (I can't read this one)
62. J. A. Harmon, clothier

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