Monday, March 25, 2013

Princeville Businesses and Owners in 1985

While working in the archives last week, I came across these photos in a stack of documents.  These photos were taken in September of 1985.   There were other businesses in Princeville at this time, they just weren't included.  They do bring back memories and many of you probably know the people in the photos. Please enjoy this mini tour of vintage Princeville. A big thank you to our museum volunteers who helped to identify the business owners and employees in the photos.  If we have misidentified anyone, please send us an email to

In this first photo is the storefront of Talman Home Bank which was located where Princeville Community Bank is now at 116 E. Main Street.  Cathy Massey is on the left, Lynn Simmons is in the middle and Kris Warren is on the right.

This next photo is the storefront of Ron's True Value with Randy Hammitt on the left and Ron Sulaski (owner) on the right.  Ron's True Value closed in 2012 and Princeville Performance Center is now operating in that location.  The store was located at 131 E. Main Street.  We all hope that Ron is enjoying his retirement.

Dori Jo's was a dress shop located at 141 W. Main Street.  The owner, Doris Long, is pictured in front of her store.  What garments did you purchase at this store?  Currently, Tom Kelley has his Country Financial Insurance office at this location.

The Princeville Home Center was located at 100 N. Town Avenue which is at the intersection of Town Avenue and West Main Street.  Currently, Princeville Automotive is at this location.  Pictured are Dave Dell and Steve Dell in front of the business.

Do any of you remember the Hair Saloon Barber Shop owned by Diana Gehrig Fry?  It was located on the west side of the 100 block of North Walnut.  This building is now the north part of the Cordis and Cordis law firm building.

This next business is still in existence today at 224 East Evans Street.  Pictured are Paul Cokel and his dad, Don Cokel in front of Cokel Welding and Muffler Bay.

In the photo below, Bill Hofer is on the left and T.E. Murphy is on the right.  They are standing in front of Hofer Real Estate Agency which was located on the west side of the 100 block of North Walnut Street.  This building is now part of Princeville State Bank.  It is on the north side of the bank building.

The Christ Bakery had some of the best baked goods in Peoria County.  It was located at 117 E. Main Street. Pictured here are Elsie and Eugene Christ standing in front of the bakery. 

Snyder's Meat Market was just a few doors west of Christ Bakery at 109 E. Main Street.  Pictured below are Steve Snyder on the left and Mike Snyder on the right in front of the business.  Look closely at the reflection in the window and you will see the Phillips gas station sign.  I'm pretty sure the price of a gallon of gas was $1.24!!

Hofer Tool and Machine was located next to Cokel Welding and Muffler on East Evans Street.  The building is now occupied by Dan Heinz Construction.  Dick Hofer is pictured standing in front of the business.   These days, you will find Dick at the Princeville Medical Center seeing patients as a Physician's Assistant.

Murphy's Insurance Agency was located at 129 N. Walnut Street.  From left to right in the photo are Bill German, Ernie Rosecrans, Barb Dallinger and Donna Komp.  The building is now occupied by Cordis and Cordis Law Firm. 

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