Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time Travel Back to This Week in 1953

We have many past issues of local newspapers and it is always fun to look back at what was happening.  I always like looking at the ads but also wish the prices were the same today!  I thought it would be fun to share the Princeville Telephone of February 26, 1953.   What was happening 60 years ago?  Here are some of the highlights:

Duncan Community Consolidated School District planned to begin construction of a new school in March. Akron and Princeville Townships held their caucuses and parties made their nominations. 

The Princeville Township Republicans nominated:
T.E. Murphy for supervisor, Harry Best for Town Clerk, William German for Assessor, Fern Moffitt for Collector, Stewart Campbell for Justice of the Peace and Joe Theobald for Constable

The Princeville TownshipDemocrats nominated:
Gilbert Adams for Town Clerk, Guy Sibley for Assessor, Francis Camp for Collector, Fred Jackson for Justice of the Peace and Pearl Mitchell for Constable

The Akron Township Republicans nominated:
Eddie Woertz as Town Clerk, LeRoy Gruner as Assessor, Lucille Camp as Tax Collector, Jess Camp and Charles Frye as Justice of the Peace.

The second page had quite a list of local happenings keeping track of the comings and goings of local residens.  You can get great gas mileage with a Chevrolet purchased at Graves.  Do you remember what was playing at the local movie theater in 1953?  Well, Ronald Reagan was the star in Tropic Zone.  Cattle Town, Hiawatha and Meet Me at the Fair were also advertised.

The next page has some more local news.  Elma Crady and John Knell were married.  Their attendants were her sister and brother and law, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Gibson.  The ushers were Ralph Miller, George Lanier, Clayton Larson and Floyd Mummert.  Carmelitta Chapin of Edelstein was engaged to Lynville Eberle of Princeville.  CILCO (predecessor of Ameren) was advertising a "water hotter". 

The Radnor Grange served over 200 people at the Oyster Supper sponsored by their Home Economics Committee.  The committee consisted of Frances Felton, Irene Maddox and Inez DePue.  The is also news from LaPrairie and Laura.  If you needed to get to Dunlap, you could ride the Greyhound bus for 20 cents!!

I hope you enjoyed your time travel back to 1953.  I realize that you may not be able to read the fine print.  But, the newspaper itself can be viewed at the museum.  If you would like to view the newspaper, just stop in and ask us!

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