Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1953 Princeville High School Senior Class Trip

The other day, while cataloging a donation from the estate of Damon Griswold, I found this photo tucked in the stack of yearbooks.  I thought this was a great photo to share on the blog.  Many of these seniors and their families still live in the Princeville area and will be celebrating their 60th high school reunion this year.  I big thank you to Audrey Whittaker who identified all these students. 
The students of Princeville High School Class of 1953 who went to Palmer House in Chicago for their senior class trip were:
Front Row (left to right):  Mary Lou Kuntz, Doris Martin, Dorothy Miller, Marilyn Stahl, Shirley Rench, Helen Johnston, Mary Springer and Louise Grundler (faculty member)
Second Row:  Roy Goins, Connie Smith, Sharon Burk, Sharon Sniff, Sherman Hawley, Terry Sutherland, Ruth Kraft and Bette Nuss
Third Row:  Orlyn (Richard) Routh, Charles Richoz, Jerry Pullen, Margaret Moody, Charlene Chapin, Jean Fairfield, Phyllis Larson, Harold Herrmann
Fourth Row:  Ray Morrissey, John Leuthold, Arden Smith, Ray Crooks, Alvin (Clifford) Lawrence, Norman Streitmatter, Arden Pullen, Don Slane.
Back Row:  William Cordis (superintendant), Sherm Cornish (Bus Driver), Damon Griswold (faculty)

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