Friday, December 7, 2012

Princeville Girl Scouts Mid 1920s

A recent genealogy request led us to dig up this photo.  This is a photo of the Princeville Girls Scouts circa 1920s.  What a great group of girls!  As with many of our old photos, you will recognize many of the well known family surnames of former and current Princeville families.  Handwritten on the  back of the photo the girls are identified as follows:

Front Row: Ruth Henry, Vivian Vogel, Thelma Fredell, Eleanor Matthews, Virginia Henson, Gladys Muller, Elizabeth Gray.

Second Row:  Eleanor Streitmatter, Glyda Swisher, Mary Auten, Margaret Friedman, Berna Best, Jane Auten, Helen Weaver, Grace (last name illegible), Earlene Weaver.  Please note that there are more girls in this row than names.

Third Row:  Helen Callery, Ina Kelly, Zoe Best, Clara Campbell, Elva Hines, Mrs. Haley, Virginia Rice, Eloise Bliss, Franchon Hammer, Eileen Aten, Miss Driscoll, Fern Arnold, Helen Walliker, Doris McWhorter.

Fourth Row:  Helen Potter, Shirley Stumpf, Vivian Stowell, Ethelyn Walliker, Gwendolyn Henson, Frances Simmons, Mary Campbell, Josephine Slane, Veneta Gruner, Nola Arnold.

The photo is from the Eleanor Matthews collection.

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