Friday, November 16, 2012

Princeville High School Class of 1935

We recently had a genealogy inquiry which involved digging up this photo.  Since I had the photo out, I thought I would share it with the blog world.  This is the Princeville Community High School Class of 1935.  There were 19 graduates that year under W.R. Cordis, Superintendent.  Many of these individuals continued to work and live in the Princeville area after graduation.  The graduates included James Potter, Edwin Schaad, Eleanor Matthews, Ruth Ricketts, Earl Oertley, Glenn Giffin, Lucille Roach, Robert DeBord, Edith Streitmatter, Leona Zaverl, George Black, Josephine Slane, Ferdie Williams, Russell Stumpf, Robert Ward, Helen Bouton, Donald Carter, Helen Turner and Edwin Burns. 

We have volunteers who assist with genealogy inquiries. The museum does have a lot of old photos, yearbooks, newspapers, obituaries and scrapbooks which have invaluable amount of information about local people, places and businesses.