Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Princeville Ladies Bowling League Luncheon

This photo was recently donated to the museum.  Our volunteers have been working on identifying the ladies in the photo.  We assume it was a bowling banquet, because there are small bowling lanes with pins on the table.  One of our volunteers thought some of the ladies are from Chillicothe so we have sent a request to the Chillicothe Historical Society to see if they could help.

Please look at the photo and let us know if you recognize any of the ladies.  The ladies that have been identified are listed below by their corresponding number.  We are also hoping someone can identify the restaurant by the mural in the background.  Some people have suggested it is the interior of Maple Shade restaurant on Route 88 (Route 40) that was across the highway from Lake of the Woods.  Please call or email us if you can help with the identity of the ladies or restaurant.

 2.  Lenora Delbridge
 3.  Margaret Bassett
 4.  Jo McNeeley
11. Carolyn Stahl Grebner
13. Sue Gilbert
19. Ida Stoecker
20.  ????  Darling
22.  Darlene Mathison
24. Marilyn Dell
25.  Betty Beall
26.  Mary Vera Slane
27.  Clara Watts
28.  Virginia Hampton
29.  Elaine ???
30.  Josephine Bouton
31.  Kay Ward Phillips
32.  Charlene Ault
35. Mary Taft Major


Jennifer said...

What year do you think that was taken?

Cindy said...

The restaraunt could be the "Heritage House". It was a popular place for banquets. It was what they used to call "smorgashboard". My suggestion would be to call one of the ladies in the picture like Jo McNeeley or Marilyn Dell. I'm sure they would remember many of the ladies.