Thursday, May 3, 2012

Princeville High School Class of 1922

As the school year is coming to a close, many of us are celebrating graduations.  The seniors at Princeville High School are graduating on May 27 and the Princeville Grade School Junior High Promotion is May 25.  Do you remember your high school or grade school graduation?  What was it like 90 years ago? 

Today, I want to share with you a program from the Princeville High School graduation in 1922.  There were 18 students in the graduating class.  Many of the students were from families who have been in Princeville for decades.  The 3 photos below depict the cover, inside and back cover of the graduation program.  The graduating students were Elizabeth Cheesman, Esther Calhoun, Sherman Cornish, Lucile Cushing, Ruby Cutler, Evelyn Emery, Armond Foster, Mildred Graham, Paul Hough, Leora Kneer, Jennie LaMay, Emily Matthews, Lois McWhorter, Hazel Pierce, Lowell Pierce, Cecile Sheelor, Gladys Taylor, and Maude White. 

In 1922, there were 7 faculty members at the high school. The Princeville High School faculty in 1922 included C.C. Byerly, Wm. T. Axline, Besse DeBord, Francis Jackson, Gertrude French, Danelia Janssen and Harriet Fast.  One thing that hasn't changed since 1922, is that there were 7 members of the Board of Education.  The board members included HL Matthews, HC Rose, Dr. AJ Hawkes, Dr. EE Henson, Edgar Tretheway, Mrs. Charles Auten and Mrs. Etta Kelly.

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