Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Princeville Had 3 Hospitals

Did you know that Princeville had 3 hospitals?  Recently, the Webster family shared some scrapbooks with us.  The scrapbooks had clippings from as early as the late 1920s.  We think this article is from 1943 and appeared in a newspaper from Peoria. 

The caption at the bottom is " This community of 1000 inhabitants, located 25 miles northwest of Peoria is proud of the three hospitals located here.  The Seven Oaks Sanitarium was opened here in 1929 by Miss Marie Moore, RN.  The Princeville Rest House has only been open for one year.  It is run by Mr. and Mrs. John Frericks.  The Nickols Sisters Rest Home has been caring for patients since 1931."

The house at the top is the Seven Oaks Sanitarium and is located on the south side of town on Douglas Street.  It is currently a private residence.  The house in the middle picture was built by the Friedman family and is on the corner of Walnut and High Streets.  It is currently the Hammitt-Hott Funeral home.  This home has undergone many renovations.  The front door the funeral home on High Street is the side of the house.  The house in the bottom picture is on South Cottage Grove and was built by Dr. T.E. Alyea around 1890.  It is currently a private residence.

Last week, a visitor at the museum told us the story of staying at the Nickols Sisters Rest Home before and after she gave birth to her oldest son.  Do you have any memories of these hospitals?

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