Monday, October 31, 2011

One Room Schools

As you know, the restored Akron Townhouse School is on the museum grounds. The school was built in 1900. The last class in the schoolhouse was in 1958. The building was moved to the museum grounds in 2004. The Akron Townhouse school is just one of many one room schools in the area. In the archives, the museum has many photos, school books, report cards, grade books and other memorabilia from area one room schools. Just recently, we received a donation of two undated photos from Hawley School. Fortunately, the students' names were written on the back.

The picture above was taken on the doorsteps of the school. The back row, left to right is LaVern Streitmatter, Raymond Newell, Iva Newell, Helen Gehrig. Next Row is Walter Gehrig, Clarence Hawley, Bernadine Streitmatter. Next Row is Ervin Martin, Alice Martin, Bernice Callery. Front row is Kathleen Callery, Nathan Martin, LeRoy Ehnle, Bobbie Berchtold.

The picture above must have been taken on a cold day!! The students identified in the photo are in the back row: Walt Gehrig, Helen Gehrig, Iva Newell, LaVern Streitmatter, Ivan Newell, Clarence Hawley, Bernadine Streitmatter. Front: Joe Callery, Kathleen Callery, Alice Martin, Nathan Martin, Bernice Callery, Bob Berchtold, Robert Ehnle, Ervin Martin.

If you are interested in the history of Peoria County One Room Schools, be sure to visit the Peoria County One Room Schools website at:

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