Sunday, November 2, 2008

PHM Fall Family Fun Event, October 2008

From the left: Bill Riekert, Roy Mueller, Jessie Acocks, Bob Speer, Jordan Acocks, Beth Speer.
Here we have Russell at the Fall Family Fun event that was held at the Princeville Heritage Museum on October 25, 2008 from 3-6 p.m. We are so thankful to have an image with Russell and Mr. Mueller together because Mr. Mueller was actually the person who donated Russell to the PHM. Thank you to the PHM member who took this photo and sent it to us!! More updates with photos on the Fall Family Fun event coming soon.
November Event Coming Up: Membership Meeting and Pearl Harbor Presentation by Finch Stowell at the PHM. You won't want to miss this!! It's amazing that we have the opportunity to hear history come alive in our own backyard. Please check back for exact time and remember to invite a friend or two to come and see Mr. Stowell give his presentation.
Thanks again everyone (as always) for your support, I hope you are enjoying a beautiful autumn season in Princeville. The fall colors have been mezmerizing and the weather was unseasonably warm this weekend (but I you won't hear me complain one bit!!). :)
Until next time,
~Rosie Siebenthal and the PHM Board of Directors and Staff

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